Customizable Healthy Aluminum Foil Container Foil Lunch Box Mould

Customizable Healthy Aluminum Foil Container Foil Lunch Box Mould

Model No.︰SEMJ

Brand Name︰SE

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 9000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Aluminum Foil Container Project
Aluminium foil containers are available in all shapes and sizes to meet different food packing requirements. 
They are useful for food preparation, cooking, freezing, storage & heating etc. 
They are light in weight, easy to handle, store & transport. 
They can be sterilized and are suitable for use both in conventional and microwave cookers. As aluminium is impervious to moisture, gas, grease & sunlight, optimum freshness, flavour and aroma of contents is ensured, with no 'tainting' from the packaging. In other instances, where a barrier is required, perhaps because of the acidic nature of food, an internal protective coating can be applied. 
Most importantly, aluminium foil is endlessly recyclable, thereby drastically reducing energy needs in its manufacture and also conserving natural resources.

Aluminium Foil Containers in the Microwave:
1.Only use aluminium foil containers that are 3 cm deep (the microwave will not penetrate further down).  
 2.The containers must be filled to a maximum of 2.5 cm or there is a risk of burning.  
 3.Always remove aluminium foil cover or foil lined lid otherwise the dish will not be heated. The Cling Film may be used to cover the container. 
 4.The aluminium foil container must be placed at least 2 cm from the walls of the oven, or from another aluminium foil container or any other metal object in the microwave.  
 5.Increase recommended cooking & heating times by 10% as microwaves are only absorbed from above.  
 6.Don't use bent or damaged aluminium foil containers and don't reuse the containers in the microwave. 



Healthy  and very profitable Aluminum Foil Container Production Line

Automatic Aluminium Foil Container Production Line
Model: SEAC-63AS (Three Cavities or Four Cavities Capacity)
Units: Automatic Feeder+Automatic 63Ton Press+Cavities Mould+Auto Stacker+Scrap Sucker& Presser.
It fit for all common size Aluminium Foil Container production requested. The Big capacity could to cover big range of size products. Lower power requested than other old model machines.

1.Raw material: Aluminum foil; Thickness: 0.030mm ~0.250mm;
Alloy: 8011,8006,3003,3005; Temper O to H24;
2.Good Japan's Inverter, PLC and 10inch Touch Screen control system;
3.Max. width of Aluminum foil: 800mm;
4.Max. diameter of Aluminum foil: 700mm;
5.Core diameter of Aluminum foil: 76mm(152mm as Optional );
6.Working speed: 40-68 times/min;
7.Total Power: 11.5kw+2kw+2.5kw+3kw;
8.Compressed air needed: 0.5- 0.8 Mpa, 0.3m3/min;
9.Install dimension: 6000*2600*3300mm;

Technical Data:
Max.mould size: 910*900*400mm ;
Slide block stroke: 180-240mm;
Slide block dimension: 360*480mm;
Automatic mould adjust unit: 0.5kw motor;
Work plate dimension: 1200*900mm;
Mould handle hole dimension: 80*80mm(Diameter*Depth);
Power: 4P, 380V or 220V,50Hz /60Hz;
Net weight: 10,500kg.

We are one of the rare manufacturers and traders in the aluminum foil container industry. We produce the automatic smart aluminum foil container production line and the aluminum foil container mould ,aluminum foil container,aluminum foil container Paper Lid and so on. We can buy some special specifications aluminum foil with cheaper price, because our aluminum foil purchase is very large and the supplier likes it. They are willing to provide us with relatively low price aluminum foil raw materials.
We can provide customized services for aluminum foil container customers. We can make the  mould by ourselves. Special mould can help you gain greater profits. If a new and well designed container appears in a country market, it can sell higher prices. For example, one of our Customers in UK, we produce 450ml aluminum foil containers for 63mic for him, and in the UK market, the general thickness of this product is 45mic, so our customers have entered the high-end market. When the profits of others are getting lower and lower, his profits are very good. Of course, we can guarantee the quality of our moulds and not sell them to other container manufacturers in the market.

With the rapid rise in the prices of paper and plastic, and people feel that these products is't environmentally friendly. There is a growing demand for aluminum foil containers is increasing on the worldThis is a very good business now and in the future.
Aluminum Foil Container have more than 60years history used as food packaging, it can be every you need to pack.

Let us use the popular 450ml container as an example
 If this 450ml mould is Four cavities, 63Ton production line speed work with Auto stacker is 60times per min., Each weight 6.3g ,The scrap cutting rate three cavities design is around 15.2%, four cavities 14.6% and five cavities scrap rate is 14%. and suppose products is 100% good ;
(1)Required Aluminum foil  size  :Width 782mm*Thickness 0.063mm ;(If the material arrive your factory total cost is 2600usd/Ton) Maybe cheaper !!!
(2)Each day,you are running 20 hours to produce the container;Each machine one labour to control)

According this,our machine can make 288000pcs one day,and Consumes 2.125 tons of Aluminum foil
Scrap Aluminum foil price in your market about 1000usd per ton; do not forget that 14.6% scrap is also your profit.
Scrap 2.125T*14.6%=310kg about per day , so, the scrap profit is about 310usd per day

SE have the Press model: 55Ton, 63Ton, 80Ton,110Ton Common Feeder and Embossing Feeder ,Common Conveyor and Auto Stacker for your option. SEAC-63 is the perfect model to produce food containers. The container's quality accord to the International Environment Protect Standard.

The Embossing Feeder is a nice design, it's a amphibious feeder,it could embossing the foil together feeding;and you can use it only to feeding foil, only need to adjust the emboss unit,so easy !
Auto Stacker will help you upgrade company capacity level and save labour cost!

Price Terms︰ FOB/CNF

Payment Terms︰ TT / LC / DP / DA

Lead Time︰ 60DAYS

Standards Certificate︰ CE/ISO

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